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Repair of refrigerators, a master at home

One day, coming home and opening the refrigerator door, You discover that it stopped working. At the moment of understanding that urgently needs repair, comes the awareness of the important role he performed in the apartment. In fact, the modern kitchen was created with the ability to store long products - and without a refrigerator, your Desk becomes very poor. Moreover, certainly before have to cook exactly one meal because the meal is just nowhere to store. Needless to say, the real return to the middle ages.

All these thoughts rushing and fade: from now on, your first priority is to restore comfort is striving urgently to repair the refrigerator. Fortunately, now you know about our company. We will help you to solve all problems and to minimize both material and emotional loss.

Company "Domestic cold" for more than five years of experience in quality professional repair of refrigerators at home in Moscow and the Moscow region. Served for household and commercial refrigeration equipment.

The scheme of work:

Barely finding the damage, you need to call by phone 8 (495) 542-66-35. It is desirable to have the data sheet of apparatus or simply know the model (it is specified on the label on the back or inside). It's possible that your failure can be resolved immediately after a phone consultation, also You can see the guidelines for use repair.

If the problem persists, the operator, after hearing your description, will appreciate about the possible causes of the problem and will be able to send the master with the necessary equipment and equipment right to you to repair your faulty fridge in Moscow and the Moscow region. The company "house cold" carries out urgent repair at home in Moscow and the Moscow region. To travel specialist you will be sounded rough estimate repair cost.

  • having Arrived for the purpose of repair refrigerators in Moscow, the expert will produce expert assessment of the state of a faulty device. Well, if you're all prepared: in particular, removed the food from the refrigerator and pushed it off the wall. At this stage is called the exact cost of repairs and the possibility of its conduct at home.
  • If the price of repair suits You and fridge repair possible, the wizard will immediately proceed to the execution of the order. If not, he may return again with the necessary details or you can send the fridge to our service center.
  • After the repair equipment is checked in Your presence, issued a guarantee on work performed.

We repair domestic refrigerators at home

On our website you can also find a short guide to proper use independent and minor repair of refrigerators at home. Often independent repair is not very difficult for at least a little knowledgeable in household appliances, and the advice of our technical support can help you to make it right. We, like you, are interested in that you were all right with refrigerator.

Performed repair of refrigerators following brands

  • aeg
  • amana
  • ardo
  • ariston
  • atlant
  • bauknecht
  • beko
  • blomberg
  • bomann
  • bompani
  • bosch
  • candy
  • daewoo
  • de-dietrich
  • electrolux
  • fagor
  • fhiaba
  • franke
  • frigidaire
  • gaggenau
  • general_electrik
  • gorenje
  • hansa
  • hitachi
  • ilve
  • indesit
  • kaiser
  • kuppersbusch
  • lg
  • liebherr
  • maytag
  • miele
  • nardi
  • neff
  • panasonic
  • samsung
  • sharp
  • shivaki
  • siemens
  • smeg
  • stinol
  • sub-zero
  • supra
  • teka
  • toshiba
  • vestel
  • vestfrost
  • viking
  • whirpool
  • zanussi

our prices for repairs

Diagnosis of a domestic refrigerator or refrigerator Side-By-Side + out in case of repair: For free! 500/1500*
Diagnosis the healthy refrigerator - False call 1000
Fridge appliances - minor repairs (starting relay, replaced thermostat, temperature sensor) from 1000
The household refrigerator - repair of medium complexity ( replacement of heater NO FROST, fuse, RRT - fan sensor defrost) from 2200
Fridge-household - major repair (replacing the motor - compressor, repair electronic module, the elimination of leakage + refill refrigerator gas, change the filter drier) from 3000
Freezer from 1200
Detail price

* Fault diagnosis without further repairs to be paid for an ordinary refrigerator - 500 rubles, was built in the model or Side-By-Side - 1500 rubles.

The prices are specified in rubles for the wizard without the cost of spare parts and consumables. The exact amount of the repair would call the master after inspection of your refrigerator.

The warranty on the work done

warrantyOur service center "of Home-Cold" at the artists work provides a warranty up to 3 years, in addition to the warranty on installed parts. In compliance with the rules of operation prescribed in the instruction to the product.

Warranty on used repair parts

warranty The warranty provided by our service center for spare parts varies from 3 months to 2 years. All parts covered under warranty in compliance with the rules of operation of the refrigerator and the availability of receipts for repairs.

Availability of spare parts in stock

warrantyWe collaborate with leading suppliers of spare parts in Moscow, which allows most of the used original parts to keep in stock or make them fast ordering.


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