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Repair of refrigerators Bosch

The Bosch Company, founded in Germany in 1886, today one of the most famous German brands of appliances. The company started with a small workshop for precision mechanics employing several craftsmen and apprentices. Today Bosch – a thriving brand, known throughout the world. Under the brand produces not only refrigerators, but also washing machines, vacuum cleaners, stoves, small appliances and much more. Gas stove Bosch are made at the factory in Chernogolovka near Moscow, and other equipment in Europe and Southeast Asia. Features of the products of this brand are reliability, efficiency, modernity, safety and comfort in operation.

The First cooling unit, which was presented by the company, can be seen at the Leipzig technical fair. It was a rounded metal Cabinet, whose capacity was only 60 litres, but the weight of the device was more than 80 pounds. The electric compressor cools the interior of the chamber, which allowed to preserve food for three days! Today such achievements seem ridiculous – the possibilities of refrigerators from the company has greatly expanded, the quality has been established at a high level, and repair of refrigerators Bosch is infrequent service in the service centers.

Bosch: why choose these refrigerators?

Repair of refrigerators Bosch

More than just the company appreciates the comfort and trust of consumers, therefore the products is constantly improved and brought to the highest possible quality settings. Refrigeration units from Bosch have an attractive and varied design (from the models Side by Side to built-in) and many useful features, which makes storage products and Assembly service in a simple and easy process. Among the advantages that different refrigeration appliances Bosch:

  • electronic control of all working processes of the unit;
  • No Frost system and automatic defrost;
  • camera Biofresh – freshness zone with defined temperature and humidity parameters;
  • microcirculation of the air in the compartment for fresh vegetables;
  • fast freeze function.

In Addition to these functions, you should pay attention to other parameters Bosch – capacity, low power consumption, the presence of AgION antibacterial coating, eco-friendly refrigerant.

Manufacturer sure the exact adherence to the operating instructions of any device can significantly extend the warranty period of use. But over time equipment subject to normal wear. Despite the fact that the repair of Bosch refrigerators is required relatively rarely, the need to do it sometimes occurs, especially if the unit is more than 10-15 years. You should not take up the case on their own – the departure of the master on the day of treatment from our service will allow you to perform emergency repairs to equipment as efficiently, without any mistakes and problems.

Bosch: define the nature of the damage

To simplify Troubleshooting, most models with LCD displays have a so called error codes (on the screen indicates F1, r1,PT,d1, EF, E, EA, Eg, etc.). However, this information may not be enough. To determine whether replacement of the temperature sensor in the refrigerator or in need of repair evaporator, can only competent master. Our experts will come on call in Moscow or Moscow region and will diagnose your appliance right at home.

High-Quality refrigeration Bosch sufficiently reliable, however, and she eventually can be problems:

  • when damage to the electronics in need of repair or replacement of the control Board;
  • poor air circulation requires, to execute the replacement of the fan;
  • the clog in the pipes or breakage of the drain also cause the need for professional intervention;
  • freon leak means that the unit should be refilled with refrigerant.

It is Worth noting that most failures are inexpensive repairs on the same day. Only the most complex cases, such as the replacement of the motor – compressor or replacing TENA evaporator may require you to move the equipment to the workshop. This service is also our service. If necessary, we'll take the fridge and will repair it in a short time.

Features of equipment repair Bosch

If you are Going to repair the refrigerator of this brand, it is important to understand with insufficient qualifications may not only help, but even harm the unit. Appliances Bosch has several features:

  • the hidden location of the electronic Board;
  • multiple temperature sensors to get close to that difficult;
  • overall technical complexity of models.

In addition, when repairs need to only use high quality parts. Ideally, replacement of the thermostat or temperature sensor should only be done "native" parts. Our service works with the best suppliers, so always spare parts available production Bosch. However to do inexpensive repair with analog parts, our master could advise no less quality kinds of materials, helping to save on the cost recovery of the refrigerator.

Why us?

When Diagnosing a breakdown, we will never deceive the customer and do not raise the degree of difficulty, whether it is a repair system NoFrost or elimination of another failure. Why choose our service and would recommend to others. All the masters who work with us are competent and knowledgeable professionals who understand the latest technological innovations and models of equipment from different manufacturers. The knowledge of allows us to perform repairs quickly and efficiently.

We only use reliable parts and consumables. For example, us is refuelling by freon R-134 or R600a is the refrigerant a bit more expensive, but does not harm the ozone layer and are completely safe. Call our master to repair your Bosch refrigerator, you will sure experience and practice will fully restore all functions of the unit.

refrigerator Repair Bosch. If you have a broken fridge or freezer this brand – call us! We will try to solve Your problem professionally, quickly and qualitatively!>

our prices for repairsRepair of refrigerators Bosch

Diagnosis of a domestic refrigerator or refrigerator Side-By-Side + out in case of repair: For free! 500/1500*
Diagnosis the healthy refrigerator - False call 1000
Fridge appliances - minor repairs (starting relay, replaced thermostat, temperature sensor) from 1000
The household refrigerator - repair of medium complexity ( replacement of heater NO FROST, fuse, RRT - fan sensor defrost) from 2200
Fridge-household - major repair (replacing the motor - compressor, repair electronic module, the elimination of leakage + refill refrigerator gas, change the filter drier) from 3000
Freezer from 1200
Detail price

* Fault diagnosis without further repairs to be paid for an ordinary refrigerator - 500 rubles, was built in the model or Side-By-Side - 1500 rubles.

The prices are specified in rubles for the wizard without the cost of spare parts and consumables. The exact amount of the repair would call the master after inspection of your refrigerator.

The warranty on the work done

warrantyOur service center "of Home-Cold" at the artists work provides a warranty up to 3 years, in addition to the warranty on installed parts. In compliance with the rules of operation prescribed in the instruction to the product.

Warranty on used repair parts

warranty The warranty provided by our service center for spare parts varies from 3 months to 2 years. All parts covered under warranty in compliance with the rules of operation of the refrigerator and the availability of receipts for repairs.

Availability of spare parts in stock

warrantyWe collaborate with leading suppliers of spare parts in Moscow, which allows most of the used original parts to keep in stock or make them fast ordering.


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