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Repair of refrigerators Frigidaire

American company Frigidaire was founded almost 100 years ago, and its founder was Alfred Mellows. Unlike many brands, Frigidaire company immediately began to specialize in the production of refrigerators. With this brand due to the emergence of the world's first all-metal unit. Already in 1930, the products of Frigidaire appeared Department with optimal moisture level, which today is called the Zone of freshness. And a year later rolled off fridge freezer Side by Side. By 2000, the ninth the Corporation was already a supplier of 70% of refrigerators from the USA. Today products Frigidaire-known not only in America but throughout the world, including in Russia.

A Decent fridge with a decent innovation

Frigidaire refrigerator Repair

90-ies in all refrigeration appliances from Frigidaire refuel freon R-134 or R600. This makes the units perfectly safe for the consumer and environment in case there is a leak of freon. In addition, the developers have made sure to simplify the maintenance of the fridge and implemented the first technology Cycla-Matic in the freezer. She was responsible for the mild thaw in the chamber and prevent the formation of frost on the walls. In modern models Frigidaire it replaced the No Frost system. Most refrigerators have dry and wet areas, which take into account peculiarities of those or other products.

Technology Counter Depth allows to visually retain the small size of the camera, while inside the space a lot more. Smudge Proof Stainless Steel involves the use of metal with a special coating that does not leave fingerprints. Also, many refrigerators include a water filtration system Puresource Ultra. This allows you to get a cool drink from the fridge just and absolutely clean ice from the ice maker. The company tried to create not just convenient but also cost-effective technique Frigidaire all refrigerators are energosberegayushie. The units operate very quietly and rarely fail. But nothing lasts forever and often due to long time operation or the fault of the owners they still break.

What to do if the refrigerator is out of order?

If your appliances start malfunction required emergency repairs. Not debug it for later, because every day the situation will worsen, and after one failure will inevitably follow. The design of the refrigerator implies the interdependence of all components. So if you want your repair was inexpensive, immediately call the master. Our experts not only detect damage, but most likely right at home to correct it. The only exceptions are extremely complex faults, requiring a lot of space and time, for example, replacement of the motor-compressor.


Why self-mending is a bad idea?

Many believe that with the help of some technical knowledge or instructions to self repair the unit. But as statistics show, in most cases, such intervention only exacerbates the situation, repair of Frigidaire refrigerators in the end is much more expensive. Every detail of appliance not just performs an important function, but also has inextricable link with the others. Thus, when carrying out repairs it is necessary not only to check the broken component, but the rest of them. This is the core of integrated diagnostics that can be performed by a professional. These professionals work in our company.

The Main directions of our work:

  1. Repair of the evaporator. This action is necessary in the case where the refrigerant is in the process of converting "gas-liquid-gas" and does not stand out in the camera. Thus, the temperature is significantly increased, and the products are very perishable.
  2. Replacement of the temperature sensor. You want to occur when the device is incorrectly informs the thermostat the number of degrees. So innocent at first glance a mistake could cause very serious damage because the motor will tend to restore the normal mode and may just burn out.
  3. Replacement fan. Most often necessary when the ice blade is formed, and the device simply can not rotate. Also the item itself may burn out. The first sign will be uneven distribution of cold air in the refrigerator. Thus, in some areas the products will freeze, and some deteriorate from high temperatures.
  4. Repair of NoFrost. Pretty common failure with this system, as it is present in all modern machines. If the faulty NoFrost, fridge randomly starts to thaw, puddles are formed. Then comes the next phase of excessive frost on the walls and appears at first frost, then ice.
  5. Replacement of the heating evaporator. Required when the unit is not producing warm air, necessary for regular defrosting. The heating element does not heat up and thus the fan only covers the refrigerant.
  6. Replacement of the thermostat. Involves disassembly of the refrigerator because the thermostat is located at the design depth. This part gives instructions to the motor-compressor, if it is necessary to compensate for temperature or Vice versa to reduce the degree. Most often this device suffers from a capillary tube.
  7. Replacement or repair of the control Board. One of the most expensive procedures after repair of the compressor. It is the module that regulates the entire operation of the refrigerator, and breaking it instantly leads to failure of all systems.

Fixed error messages

Frigidaire refrigerators have special error codes:

  • EF – a problem with the evaporator fan;
  • OP – freezer is opened;
  • CE – communication error at power-up;
  • DF – the missing circuit defrost;

You live in Moscow and you have a problem with the fridge? Immediately call us. Our company is the departure of the master on the day of treatment, as we understand the catastrophe that you have no place to store food. Regardless of the nature of the breakdowns, we really efficiently perform repair of refrigerators Frigidair.

our prices for repairsRepair of refrigerators Frigidaire

Diagnosis of a domestic refrigerator or refrigerator Side-By-Side + out in case of repair: For free! 500/1500*
Diagnosis the healthy refrigerator - False call 1000
Fridge appliances - minor repairs (starting relay, replaced thermostat, temperature sensor) from 1000
The household refrigerator - repair of medium complexity ( replacement of heater NO FROST, fuse, RRT - fan sensor defrost) from 2200
Fridge-household - major repair (replacing the motor - compressor, repair electronic module, the elimination of leakage + refill refrigerator gas, change the filter drier) from 3000
Freezer from 1200
Detail price

* Fault diagnosis without further repairs to be paid for an ordinary refrigerator - 500 rubles, was built in the model or Side-By-Side - 1500 rubles.

The prices are specified in rubles for the wizard without the cost of spare parts and consumables. The exact amount of the repair would call the master after inspection of your refrigerator.

The warranty on the work done

warrantyOur service center "of Home-Cold" at the artists work provides a warranty up to 3 years, in addition to the warranty on installed parts. In compliance with the rules of operation prescribed in the instruction to the product.

Warranty on used repair parts

warranty The warranty provided by our service center for spare parts varies from 3 months to 2 years. All parts covered under warranty in compliance with the rules of operation of the refrigerator and the availability of receipts for repairs.

Availability of spare parts in stock

warrantyWe collaborate with leading suppliers of spare parts in Moscow, which allows most of the used original parts to keep in stock or make them fast ordering.


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