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Repair of refrigerators Hansa

In 1921 in Poland, opened a small factory producing various of kitchen utensils. During the First and Second world war, the specialization of the enterprise has changed many times, and only in 1996 came off the Assembly line first refrigerator. During the development of the Hansa engineers used all their experience and acquired techniques. Therefore, the first batch sold out quite quickly, and the consumer appreciated the efforts of the company. Inexpensive and functional, it came to taste not only the poles but the residents of East Germany. Today the products of Hans prized in many countries, including in Russia.

In every perfection there are flaws

Repair of refrigerators Hansa

Despite the fact that the quality of technology is undeniable, even these aggregates break down. Modern models are equipped with numerous automated systems, which perform the control and optimization of process of storage of products. This requires the use of complex electronics that are very sensitive. This detail is susceptible to many factors, especially to voltage drops in the network. That is why the replacement or repair of the control Board is quite common. Without all of its functioning components will operate randomly, thereby leading to many other failures. Therefore, refrigerator repair Hansa ( Hans ) need to do as soon as the first signs of malfunction.

There is a special system of hints and signals that helps determine more precisely where the failure is, and this is a special error codes:

  • E1 – defective temperature sensor in the refrigerating chamber;
  • E2 – broken evaporator sensor
  • E3 – faulty temperature sensor in freezer Hans;
  • E4 – defective capacitor in the freezer.

Design Features Side-by-Side, almost all modern refrigerators involve the use of two compressors. One of them might malfunction and stop feeding energy to the other components. In such a situation will inevitably have to replace the motor-compressor. All of these shortcomings are fixable and do not apply only to refrigerators Hansa.

Other side of the coin: the advantages

Along with the disadvantages there is a lot of positive moments, as the devices are equipped with the most modern technologies that create comfortable conditions to the use of technology. Among the advantages:

  • energy efficiency index A and A+, which can significantly reduce power consumption during operation of the refrigerator Hans:
  • No Frost system that performs automatic defrosting and eliminating all excess moisture from the chamber;
  • the "Eco" mode is a special feature allowing you to save even more (it is turned on when the refrigerator is not filled even half, and does not require intensive cooling);
  • Super Freezing is quick, and most importantly soft freeze without loss of beneficial properties of any products;
  • zero area or a freshness zone, where temperature and humidity are optimized for long-term preservation of freshness of food;
  • 3-D Air system that provides air circulation and eliminate unpleasant odors;
  • containers are made of durable plastic and shatterproof shelves made of glass;
  • refill freon R-134 or R600, which makes the use of the unit is absolutely safe for humans and the environment.

Features repair refrigeration Hansa

If one of the components of the refrigerator, the rest break the chain. Replacing the temperature sensor need, when they cease to submit information to the thermostat. Or gives, but not truthful information. This can happen due to moisture or from the banal wear, as this part is working smoothly. If the thermostat receives data that do not meet the set parameters for high and low temperature threshold, it starts to work and then send a signal to the compressor to restore normal operation. The motor starts to work harder or Vice versa, leading either to defrosting, or excessive freezing. From such regular fluctuations bellows tube does not stand up, and then you need to replace the thermostat.

Repair of NoFrost has certain characteristics, as has its components Hans. And to determine the root cause of system failure, you must first figure out which parts is defective:

  • evaporator
  • ten
  • fan;
  • defroster;
  • thermal fuse

That the evaporator is responsible for the refrigerant. Because its failure can not only stop working the system NoFrost, but also to leak freon. Therefore, to avoid this, necessary repairs to the evaporator. If your camera has experienced an intensive formation of ice and do not stop likely to be a problem with the heating element. This detail is responsible for periodic defrosting of the evaporator Hans. It works only in a limited temperature range, otherwise fails. Replacing the heating element of the evaporator will solve the problem with perimortem evaporator.

Fan - this component is also sensitive to overheating or equipment, may simply burn out. Replacement fan Hansa will allow the resumption of circulation. Any problem can be solved, but it is not necessary to do it yourself, because you can aggravate the situation. It is better to entrust it to professionals.

What is professionalism? We are ready to show!

Repair of refrigerators Hansa requires special knowledge, specific to each individual model. Our craftsmen have extensive experience and knowledge of the specifics of such equipment. We operate in Moscow not the first year and has managed to prove to many consumers their skills, ready to show it to you. Our advantages:

  • only the best components;
  • perform work
  • selection of the most economical ways to solve the problem;
  • comprehensive diagnosis to identify any problems;
  • departure of the master on the day of treatment;
  • guarantees.

Repair of refrigerators Hansa ( Hans ). If you broken refrigerator or freezer of this brand and require urgent repair - call to us 8 (495) 542-66-35 ! We will try to solve Your problem professionally, quickly and efficiently!

our prices for repairsRepair of refrigerators Hansa

Diagnosis of a domestic refrigerator or refrigerator Side-By-Side + out in case of repair: For free! 500/1500*
Diagnosis the healthy refrigerator - False call 1000
Fridge appliances - minor repairs (starting relay, replaced thermostat, temperature sensor) from 1000
The household refrigerator - repair of medium complexity ( replacement of heater NO FROST, fuse, RRT - fan sensor defrost) from 2200
Fridge-household - major repair (replacing the motor - compressor, repair electronic module, the elimination of leakage + refill refrigerator gas, change the filter drier) from 3000
Freezer from 1200
Detail price

* Fault diagnosis without further repairs to be paid for an ordinary refrigerator - 500 rubles, was built in the model or Side-By-Side - 1500 rubles.

The prices are specified in rubles for the wizard without the cost of spare parts and consumables. The exact amount of the repair would call the master after inspection of your refrigerator.

The warranty on the work done

warrantyOur service center "of Home-Cold" at the artists work provides a warranty up to 3 years, in addition to the warranty on installed parts. In compliance with the rules of operation prescribed in the instruction to the product.

Warranty on used repair parts

warranty The warranty provided by our service center for spare parts varies from 3 months to 2 years. All parts covered under warranty in compliance with the rules of operation of the refrigerator and the availability of receipts for repairs.

Availability of spare parts in stock

warrantyWe collaborate with leading suppliers of spare parts in Moscow, which allows most of the used original parts to keep in stock or make them fast ordering.


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