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Repair of refrigerators Kuppersbusch

Company Kuppersbusch began its existence in 1875 as a small workshop for the manufacture of stoves over charcoal. The idea was so successful that after 15 years, the company began to expand and produce various household appliances, including refrigerators. The company's motto "the main thing is in the details" proves that Kuppersbusch always thinks of everything and innovation. The main feature of products is that it is embedded. It is revered in many countries of Asia, America and Europe.

the Most advanced technologies and systems in a single package

Repair of refrigerators Kuppersbusch

Most of the product Kuppersbusch can only be found in stores, studios, because this is really exclusive home appliances and it cannot be attributed to inexpensive. This once again indicates that not every wizard knows how to repair refrigerators Kuppersbusch. All devices are equipped with the most innovative technologies that allow us to make use as comfortable as possible. Among them:

  1. Powerful compressor and reliable insulation, which allow to use less power. The technique belongs to the class of A and B.
  2. Low noise level, protecting against endless drones.
  3. No Frost System that allows you to forget about self-defrosting refrigerator. Smart appliances do everything herself, and very carefully, so as not to harm the refrigerator.
  4. Ability to freeze 15 kg of food per day.
  5. freshness Zone, located in the freezer and keep the temperature close to zero. It helps to store food for twice as long. However, they do not lose their original freshness and vitamins.
  6. Capacity freezers and cold rooms. This fridge is excellent choice even for large families.
  7. Refill freon R-134 or R600, which is recognized as the most safe and eco-friendly type of refrigerant and will not harm even if there is a leak of freon.

Who is able to cope with such a device, if there is breakage?

Our company is not afraid of hard work, even when it comes to modern technology such as Kuppersbusch. Our craftsmen are familiar with complex schemes of this equipment, understand its components. While we try to find the most cost-effective ways of solving the problem. Take even for urgent repairs and ongoing departure of the master on the day of treatment. We use only proven parts that are guaranteed to prolong the life of your refrigerator and not contribute to its ultimate failure. All diagnostic and repair work we can perform right at home. Therefore, it is not necessary to pay for transportation. We take even for those cases that seem irreparable, because we know a lot of engineering secrets engineering Kuppersbusch.

What kind of manipulations we perform?

Itself the design of the refrigerator Kuppersbusch much more difficult than it might seem at first glance. Each part performs its important function without which the others will not work properly. So when it comes to the repair of any particular item, this means that you need to be careful and to other components. Our craftsmen perform the following types of repair services:

  1. Replacement motor-compressor. This procedure consists of many stages, since the refrigerator must be unpressurised, then vacuuming, etc. This part is responsible for the functionality of all components of as takes the energy and makes everything work harder or slow. The first sign of motor failure is complete silence or Vice versa, a strong buzz, vibration.
  2. Replacement of the thermostat. It is located in the depth of the structure, so it is very hard to remove without damaging the capillary tube. This element is responsible for total temperature control in the camera adjusts it always tends to lead back to normal. If he fails, the refrigerator starts to randomly freeze or unfreeze. A characteristic symptom may be the formation of puddles under the unit, or intensive freezing chamber.
  3. Repair of the evaporator. During dismantling it is essential not to damage the structure, to avoid leakage of the refrigerant. Otherwise you have to spend money to refuel. The evaporators are responsible for the removal of freon and maintaining a low temperature. If it breaks down, the temperature increases considerably, and you can feel the heat coming from the device.
  4. Replacement of the heating evaporator. This kit has a very fragile aluminum elements, which when withdrawal can be damaged. Teng is responsible for the heating of the air for defrost. If he gets in terms of excessively low or high temperatures, it breaks down almost immediately.
  5. Replacement fan. This procedure itself is not difficult, but requires careful verification. This detail is responsible for the distribution of cool and warm air throughout the chamber, thereby providing automatic defrosting of the refrigerator. Most often it crashes on the causes of failure of thermostat or sensor.
  6. Replacement of the temperature sensor. About the repair of this component is not necessary to speak, as it has very complex scheme and at the same time low cost. The cause of failure often becomes the ingress of moisture and time. If the sensor starts to act up and show false information about the temperature conditions, it is very fast entails serious consequences for the compressor to be replaced which is quite expensive.
  7. Replacement or repair of the control Board. As modern automated equipment, many functions depend on this little module. The cause of the malfunction often are the voltage drops or moisture ingress.

Regardless of whether the repair of Dowfrost or any other, our craftsmen will handle the most difficult task. If you see any of these signs or error codes, immediately call us.

Our company operates in Moscow and has already received many appreciative comments about the work done. It is not necessary to think about where to find a decent experienced professional. Our masters carry out repair of refrigerators Kuppersbusch effectively and for years to come.

refrigerator Repair Kuppersbusch. If you have a broken refrigerator or freezer of the brand and require urgent repair - call to us! We will try to solve Your problem professionally, quickly and efficiently!

our prices for repairsRepair of refrigerators Kuppersbusch

Diagnosis of a domestic refrigerator or refrigerator Side-By-Side + out in case of repair: For free! 500/1500*
Diagnosis the healthy refrigerator - False call 1000
Fridge appliances - minor repairs (starting relay, replaced thermostat, temperature sensor) from 1000
The household refrigerator - repair of medium complexity ( replacement of heater NO FROST, fuse, RRT - fan sensor defrost) from 2200
Fridge-household - major repair (replacing the motor - compressor, repair electronic module, the elimination of leakage + refill refrigerator gas, change the filter drier) from 3000
Freezer from 1200
Detail price

* Fault diagnosis without further repairs to be paid for an ordinary refrigerator - 500 rubles, was built in the model or Side-By-Side - 1500 rubles.

The prices are specified in rubles for the wizard without the cost of spare parts and consumables. The exact amount of the repair would call the master after inspection of your refrigerator.

The warranty on the work done

warrantyOur service center "of Home-Cold" at the artists work provides a warranty up to 3 years, in addition to the warranty on installed parts. In compliance with the rules of operation prescribed in the instruction to the product.

Warranty on used repair parts

warranty The warranty provided by our service center for spare parts varies from 3 months to 2 years. All parts covered under warranty in compliance with the rules of operation of the refrigerator and the availability of receipts for repairs.

Availability of spare parts in stock

warrantyWe collaborate with leading suppliers of spare parts in Moscow, which allows most of the used original parts to keep in stock or make them fast ordering.


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